Why RE/MAX Top Realty

Mission & Purpose:​

  • To Provide a Learning-Based Environment

  • To Provide a High-Production Culture

  • To Empower Real Estate Agents.

Vision: An office of agents who embrace “Abundance”


Core Values: Integrity – Entrepreneurial Spirit – Commitment to Mastery


Organizational Belief: Hard work is the Pathway to Success


Company Philosophy

  1. We will not sanction incompetence, laziness or mediocrity.

  2. We are human-resource oriented; we believe in the concept of synergy and the strength that lies within our associates.

  3. We believe in people who believe in themselves, believe in real estate as a career and believe in their company’s purpose.

  4. We believe that people stay in environments where they are learning & growing and leave environments where they are not.

  5. We believe that our associates should not subsidize those who do not have the will, desire or capacity to produce, improve or win.

  6. We believe in excellence and will strive to achieve its ideal of producing the best and we will not accept anything less than the best.

  7. We believe that our associates must be entrepreneurial in nature and therefore, create an atmosphere that will allow them to prosper.

  8. We believe in an environment of creativity, growth and productive change that encourages our associates to maximize their potential.

  9. We believe in the philosophy of mutual respect consistent with personal values based on spiritual, emotional and psychological equity.

  10. We believe that beer before liquor will make you sicker.

Our World-Class Value Proposition
Relevant: (It matters)
  • Free Dotloop service (Plus in-house support)

  • Effective training classes (Unique in the U.S.A and online 24/7)

  • Free & easy office parking (Plenty of it)

  • Full time & Highly Proficient staff (We’re always at your service)

  • Meaningful sales meetings (Worth your time)

  • Personal RE/MAX Mobile App (Technology to share with your clients)

  • RE/MAX Main Street CRM (Keep in touch with your clients and send them campaigns when you want)

  • Professional email address (Professional looking email)

  • Free Showing service for all your listings (TopShowingService.com)

  • Apartment locating system (Your own account)

  • Top Care (Automated marketing pieces created for free for every listing)

  • Personal RE/MAX Website (Customizable & Self-Branding)

  • RE/MAX University (over 3,000 hours 24/7 online training)

  • Local, State and National advertising (No other company compares)

  • Multiple Office Locations (Hwy 6, Beltway 8, I-10, 610, and 45)

  • Office Amenities (Workstations wi-fi, copy/fax/scanners, gym, kitchen and shower)

  • Media Room (Onsite videography, photography and production studio with teleprompter & blue-screen)

Irresistible: (Advantageous)
  • Mentorship program (Hands on)

  • Family/Team/Fun Environment (You’re never alone & we’ve got your back!)

  • Listing Agents get all leads from their listings (Your listings… your leads)

  • Quarterly business planning (With the Brokers)

  • Free Leads to Agents ( 0% Referral fee leads)

  • Commercial Real Estate tools & marketing. (To practice and learn a new trade)

  • State, National and Global referral network (Over 100 Countries & growing!)

Irreplaceable: (Only with us)
  • Full time & direct support (Mentorship)

  • Top Realty University (Live & online classes 24/7)

  • Unique Online Coaching Programs (Best Coaches in the Industry)

  • Unique development program we call D.A.M.B! (Develop + Act + Measure = BOOM!)

  • Ability to conduct Intermediary transactions (So you can earn more income)

  • In-house IT support (There when you need it)

  • 24-Hour Office Access (You never know)

  • Unbelievable Social Media marketing platform. (Like nothing you’ve ever seen before)

  • 50% Broker Reimbursement for Designation courses (We believe in higher education and are willing to invest in you)

  • Flexibility and tools to conduct business in commercial transactions (So you can expand your business and make more money. Certain training requirements apply)

  • Enthusiastic team environment & fun company culture. (You’ll love it here!)

  • We’re family & everybody wins

Please note:

  • We want people who are Entrepreneurs, hunters, movers, and shakers; the ones that take pride in their work and who are serious about thriving.

  • We want honest and ethical people that are team players who have each other's back and who help each other out.

  • We expect the best from you and nothing less.

If you’re serious about Real Estate, then we’re serious about you. If you don’t fit the above description, then we're not a good match. If you do, then let’s talk.

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